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Note for compilation and general info

Dear Friend,
Welcome to the ESPRM UEMS-PRM Pain School!!

Before the School starts, You should have a lot of work to do.
In your file you will find several questionnaires. It is important for all of us to collect all the requested information. Some of them
should be mandatory filled in within tomorrow. Others can be scheduled before the end of the School or even at the end of it.
The dead line for each questionnaire is marked in grey. Please fill them accurately and by yourself.
There is no evaluating intention. The objective is to check the need of the attendants and to improve the School’s level for the
next editions.

Welcome again in Piacenza and good work.

Roberto Casale MD, PhD
School Chairman

Please fill the following questionnaire on your general background by Monday 25th

Degree in medicine:

Year / Place

Specialization in:

Specialization / Year / Place

Place of work:

Actual position and work (speciality):

Have you had a training on pain medicine?

(In case you answered yes):

When / For how long

At the moment are you involved in pain medicine?

Do you visit patient with pain?

Do you think that your training in Pain Medicine is:

Do you think your competencies in Pain Medicine are:

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