Brussels, April 10, 2014. On the occasion of an exhibition and cocktail reception hosted by Petru Luhan, Member of the European Parliament and winner of the MEP award for Health 2013, a multi-stakeholder platform of patient organizations, academia and industry, called on EU institutions and national authorities to recognize the societal and individual burden of chronic pain and to take adequate measures against it.

During the exhibition in the European Parliament, the Pain Patient Pathway Recommendations, the result of a pan-European survey spanning 18 countries, were presented to policy makers for the first time.

Also, the “My pain feels like…” box – a psychophysical experiment developed by the Montescano Pain School of Italy – attracted a large number of audience and showed, through a combination of electronic stimulus and heat, how localized neuropathic feels like and helped empathize with the patients suffering from this disease and their challenge to express what they feel.